Online Learning - Coming Soon!

Symposium 2017 Video Training


Learn how to perform wedding ordinances, funeral services, and memorials. Understand important pre-marital counseling and resources. Also covered, bereavement for infant/pregnancy loss.

Internet Classes & Certifications


Receive your CPE training online from wherever you live!  Be part of the chaplaincy movement and connect to chaplains nationally.

Case Study Sharing


Learn from other chaplains in the trenches how to handle tough cases, how to overcome transference, and how to avoid burnout as you serve.

Special Speakers


As we interview incredible teachers, join in the learning and reap the benefits of relaxed sit-ins with the great leaders and thinkers in the area of spirituality.

Advanced Learning


Struggling with specific areas of chaplaincy? Are you hungry for more training after graduation? Find advanced training here!

Research and FAQs


Archived links to research, studies and published work in the area of spirituality and global emotional health.