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We train and certify professional chaplains through a national accredited CPE education and board certification process

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We sustain chaplains emotionally through small chapter groups which provide support and accountability





Our members excel through advance learning in annual symposiums, online blog, trainings and special speakers 

Considering Professional Chaplaincy?

Considering professional chaplaincy? Hear the advice from recent WSHO graduates!

WSHO Clinical Chaplaincy Program


To find out how you can apply to become certified, go to our "Certification Process" page! 

Highest Standards for Professional Chaplaincy

While WSHO is the newest international organization authorized to train and certify professional Chaplains, it is by no means the least. In fact, in many ways it is the vanguard, and a “light on the hill”.To be certified by WSHO indicates the Chaplain is humbly superior in both personal character and professional competence, two sine qua non qualities which in our opinion must co-exist like blades on a pair of scissors, but have too often become detached in professional chaplaincy enamored with clinical skills and political correctness.WSHO Board Certified Chaplains are “star-players” and leaders in their communities and among their Chaplain peers, and whose meek but attractive exceptionalism is readily noticed by employers…for they are a ‘cut above’ their peers.What makes Chaplains with WSHO pastorally effective as well as competitive for jobs…simply stated, superior standards and higher expectations, as well as better accountability.  For example,

  • Continuing Education Standard…highest
    • 55 hours annually of continuing education in professional/pastoral ministry
  • Clinical Hours required for Board Certification…highest
    • 2,100 clinical hours
  • Professional accountability…highest
    • Conducted annually for re-certification and quarterly in one’s local professional peer chapter
  • Character based and competence driven…highest
    • Character is considered first and foremost followed by professional skills
  • Processing of Board Certification Applications…fastest
    • 30 day commitment to process candidate applications
  • Clinical Pastoral Education…proven, true and transformational
    • Flexible, user-friendly training and clinical hours locations, and unique highly effective hybrid curricula of traditional and contemporary CPE
    • Evaluation of CPE/Chaplain Trainees...highest (evaluated in 116 areas of competence and character)
  • Board Certification standard…highest and unique
    • Applicants evaluated in each of the following areas:
      • Strength of Character
      • Spiritual Centeredness
      • Clinical Pastoral Competence
      • Emotional Wellness
      • Professionalism
      • Administrative Skills
      • Teaching Effectiveness
      • Leadership Quality
  • Ministry Specialization Designator…highest and unique
    • Professional recognition for area(s) of pastoral specialization, viz, Airport Chaplain, Sports Chaplain, Boarder Patrol Chaplain, Palliative Care & Hospice, Military, Law Enforcement, Prison Chaplain, etc.
  • Offering of Professional Liability Insurance…highest and unique
    • Highly discounted A1 professional liability insurance available to members
  • Approval process for new professional peer chapters of Chaplains
    • 7 business days
  • Diversity of professional Chaplain Certification Options…highest and unique
    • Certification (i.e. for Chaplains who have not completed CPE training)
    • Associate Board Certification
    • Board Certification
    • Master Board Certification
  • Franchises of Clinical Pastoral Education programs…highest
    • Available to CPE Supervisors anywhere in the world
  • Professional Fees…very competitive
    • WSHO fees are “middle of the road”…not the most expensive, not the cheapest

What brings people to chaplaincy?

Why do people become chaplains? What brings them to chaplaincy in the first place?